BGC17 Episode 10 The Final Countdown

The episode picks up with Keyaira attacking Briana and Seven attacking Kiyanna. Keyaira and Seven are both removed for the rest of the night into the next night. Sayyora pursues what she wants to do which is to make her own hookah flavor. She ends up making a flavor and has a release party which she invites out all the girls (minus Keyaira and Seven). While the other girls are out, Keyara and Seven return to the house and say that they have been removed from the house and are beyond happy they are leaving which each other, but are mad at Deshayla for going out with the other girls. The girls are beyond happy to see that Keyaira and Seven were removed. The girls try to rack up as much points on the bucket list wall. The east coast is revealed to have the most points and are rewarded with a VIP treatment. The girls say goodbye to LA.