'Queen Sugar' Star Caught Pleasuring Himself in Leaked Video

Timon Kyle Durrett is one of those hunks, however NSFW footage of him, um, making a private video surfaced and it’s anyone’s guess who the video was intended for.
The selfie video shows Durrett masturbating. It was obviously meant for someone, and there’s a chance that person got it — along with the rest of the world.

Queen Sugar is now in its second season. We knew it would be good ever since learning that Ava Duvernay signed on, and with the dramatic and juicy nature the program has become, it looks like its actor’s are sticking to character in real life.
Timon Kyle Durrett plays Davis West on the show, who is the cheating and scandalous husband of Charley Bordelon. Looks like scandal is about to become part of Durrett’s life for the time being.
Click here to see the NSFW video.