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Marriage Boot Camp S10 E8 The F Bomb

A brutal confrontation rages on and shuts down boot camp; lie detector shocks all; one boot camper is busted for cheating; families face final decision to mend or end their toxic ties forever.

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars S10 E7 Mammagedeon

A surprise lie detector test sparks chaos; Paula and Farrah nearly come to blows; Kendra threatens to leave; things spiral out of control, bringing the Boot Camp to its knees.

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta : Season 1 Episode 5 Watch Me Flip, Watch Me Nae Nae

Bow's excuses get him into trouble with Da Brat; Deb secretly plans a reunion with Bow and his estranged dad; a fight breaks out when Brandon crashes Reginae's 18th birthday dinner and disrespects Wayne, again.

[GRAPHIC] Video of Joseline eating pussy on STAGE at Miami Strip Club

Joseline Hernandez is the baddest there is but after six years on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she still remains a relative mystery.  VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

Joseline’s butt is real Despite what people have speculated, Joseline says her booty is the real deal. She cops to breast implants but says that her butt is just the result of many, many lunges. Joseline has five brothers and sisters. Joseline has helped provide for her five siblings (and her nieces and nephews) since she was a kid. She also has a brother who has autism, for whom she has helped provide special care. Joseline has a brother who is gay. Joseline is open about her bisexuality but in an interview with VladTV, she admits that she also has a brother who identifies as gay and she considers herself part of the LGBTQ community. Joseline was sixteen years old when she started dancing.The Baddest Boosh had to help take care of her family, and also find a way out for herself. She danced in Miami, Dallas, and Atlanta. She me…

Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 2 Episode 11 The Grand Dame Sham

On episode 11 Robyn takes steps to open herself up to meeting new men and quickly becomes the Belle of Bermuda when she discovers many of them are interested in her. Meanwhile, Charrisse confronts Karen about her overbearing hosting duties while in Bermuda, Ashley discovers Michael has been making big changes at the restaurant without her knowledge, and Karen reveals she no longer resides in Potomac.

[GRAPHIC] Rasheeda son Ky Frost tape

* Ky is ONLY 16 and NOT over the legal age so we are NOT permitted to post the VIDEO*

But You can watch it HERE <--- Click the word "HERE"

Basketball Wives Season 6 Episode 10 Off With Her Head

Malaysia spends time with her kids; Jackie finds out that Evelyn isn't happy with her; and things come to a head with Evelyn and Jackie at a party that Evelyn throws for her magazine-cover photos.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 14 Reality Bites

A phone call from home brings the Jamaica trip to an abrupt end; Rod checks Logan, but has questions for Jasmine; Joseline has a surprise proposal for Stevie; Karlie takes one relationship to the next level and destroys another.